As an artist I value beauty and goodness and I hope that feeling is conveyed in my artworks. I´m a big fan of Italy and it has been a major source of inspiration in making art.

I get excited about new materials, but mostly I use oil, acrylic and pastel. I often add silver leefs, charcoal, lace, decoupage and different kind of cracking methods.

Old book covers and documents are my favorite materials, and I do like the roughness of the concrete a lot. In addition, as a painting base I use old photograps, which are printed on plywoods. I also make monotypes on black printing paper.

Available works

can be found under WEBSHOP. In addition, the works is for sale:
I do commisioned work as well. What would a photowork on plywood or a painting on book cover sound? For examble a gift to a someone special.